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mold testingFollowing the effects of a natural disaster, it’s imperative that you seek assistance from a restoration company such as Signature Restorations. Serving the South Florida area, we at Signature Restorations derive great joy from helping our clients restore their homes or offices. Our experience in both residential and commercial repairs has enabled us to serve a diverse clientele. What’s more, we’ve developed a broad set of skills. Our services run the gamut from mold testing to leak repairs, with additional expertise in flooding reparation and pipe replacements.

While we take pride in our industry know-how, at Signature Restorations, we’re far more concerned with arming our clients with 100 percent satisfaction. In fact, we’re so dedicated to this effort that we offer emergency assistance. In other words, our services are always readily available to our clients. Thanks to our 24/7 support, we can assist our clients promptly and rectify problems in a timely fashion. This client-driven approach is the very value that Signature Restorations stands for.

Our trained and certified technicians are well-equipped to tackle any issues. Since our promise is expediency, we use our own inventory to deliver results. With that said, we never have to rely on another source for our materials. All of our equipment is in-house and at our disposal. Above all else, Signature Restorations is committed to keeping the public safe. It’s for this reason why we work diligently to keep you out of harm’s way. For remediation services that you can trust, give us a call at (561) 361-0181.

If your mold problem requires action, we also offer a Mold Removal Service!

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